The problem is that I will never live up to the standards others set in their minds. I am flawed.  We are all flawed.  I just have to continue to be me and continue to be in the Word and continue to not allow the world to influence me.  I need to continue to pull strength from God and those who lift me up.  I am blessed to have people like this in my life (especially my husband).  But I realize no matter how much I may want certain people to be part of my inner circle, they may not want to be.  It is something I have to accept.  But also, I have to remain open to a time they may change their mind.

So, I try hard not to set standards in my mind of how others should be.  I believe I am very good at this most of the time.  I am easy going and most people I know say they do not feel judged around me.  I think this attitude can build people up and allow them to grow.  At least I hope it can.  I want nothing more for other people to feel loved and accepted around me.  I want nothing more than to feel the same from others.

The end.

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