We all are struggling with struggles.

We all struggle…

Some eat too much.  Some don’t eat enough. Some have health issues. Some think too highly of themselves.  Some think too lowly of themselves.  Some struggle relationally. Some have too much energy. Some don’t have enough energy. Some think too much. Some don’t think enough. Some abuse drugs and alcohol. Some were raised too sheltered.  Some were raised unsheltered.  Some have anxiety or depression. Some work too much. Some don’t work enough. You may think this list is redundant.  I think it is profound.


Whether the struggle is controllable or not–it is still a struggle. You may not see it as big, but for the person struggling it can be.  Be sensitive. Don’t judge. Don’t make the person feel bad.  Help see them through.  Pray for them.  Pray with them.


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