Love.  It boils down to love. Sadly, I think our definition of love has shifted. I think we need to start shifting it back. I think it is our responsibility as Christians to do so.

I believe all people crave the type of love defined in the bible.  We are not giving it as fully as we should.  We’d bring a lot more people to Christ if we did.  There is no one beyond saving.  I fully believe that.  We need to stop worrying about what others may think.  There is nothing to be ashamed about.

What do you think is worse? Downplaying our beliefs or being so passionate about our beliefs that we cannot contain them?  I think many are afraid to act “too Christian”.  As if that is going to push people away.  This laissez-faire attitude does nothing for someone who is struggling.  If I am on the fence on something and I see someone jumping for joy over a cause…they get my attention.  Not the person who whispers, “I am a Christian. But don’t worry, I won’t bother you with my beliefs.”  They should be looking at us and thinking, “What are they so excited about?”

Where do we start?  With love, of course.  With real love.  The kind of love we receive from Christ.  Love is supposed to be selfless, not selfish.  Yet, we are not doing all we can to share it with others.

We need to remember we are all sinners.  We all fall short.  Christians have the gift of salvation.  So, if we are given this gift (that we did nothing to earn) we need to be thankful for it. We shouldn’t be selfish with it.  We should want everyone to have this gift.  Since we are not God, who are we to decide who should hear about it and who should not?  Our job is to love and share the gospel with everyone.

Love has given us forgiveness of our past, present, and future sins.  That is something to be excited about every single day. The blood He shed for us–I will never deserve.  But yet, I can be certain of my hope.  I will be in heaven one day because of what He did for me.  We all need to remember this.  Love will never be easy for us this side of heaven, but we should never stop trying to love as He loves us.





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