Which Voice is Louder?

It is a quarter after five on a chilly Sunday.  I am alone in the house while the other members of the household are outside.  These moments to myself are seldom as of late.  What am I doing with my precious time?  Well, I am blogging while drinking a decaf coffee because if I drink caffeine this late I will be up all night (I feel lame admitting that).  Oh and let me not forget to mention my triple chocolate cookie I am eating.  What can I say?  I like to multitask.

I do not have much to blog about but today was a rainy day, it just recently stopped and I always feel like writing on days like this…

In church this morning the sermon was titled…I can’t quite remember…but it was something about who’s voice is louder in your ear?  Is God’s voice or the world’s voice louder?  I have been thinking about that all day.  Really more thinking about the times in my life where I outright ignored God’s voice to do my own thing or to do what I thought was right.  I never want to be that person again.

The end.

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