If I am going to lead the life God wants me to then I cannot please everyone…nor should I try.  I have spent my life wanting to lift people up and not knock them down.  Sometimes that leads me to walking on eggshells around people.  I don’t like anyone feeling bad, but I shouldn’t have to tread lightly when it comes to my beliefs.  Aren’t christians supposed to be loving?  Yes we are.  We are supposed to show our love by sharing God’s word…because ultimately if you love someone then you want them saved.

Love means more than just being nice.  Part of me loving my kids is pointing out when they do something wrong.  They may not feel I am being nice when I tell them they cannot be on the iPad all day, but because I love them I teach them there is more to life than screens.  Sometimes showing my love is harder than not showing it.  My life would be a lot easier if I let my kids watch television and play the iPad all day.  It is harder to set aside my wants and conveniences to sit down with them to play the board game Sorry for the ten millionth time, but I do because I love them.

In bible study someone said, “What if you knew tomorrow was the end of the world?”  Well, I would not feel self conscious sharing my love of Christ with unbelievers, that is for sure.  I would not think about checking in to Facebook…unless it was to share my faith one last time.  I wouldn’t search for my phone unless it was to call someone and share my faith.  I would want to plead with people to turn to God and repent…just as the bible says to do.  I would not think twice about what people think of me and my beliefs that I share…some probably think I share too much…but how can it ever be too much?  I am blessed that God’s grace saved me and because of my love I want to share it with the world.

Why don’t more believers share their faith openly?  Why do people feel they need to keep it a secret?  We don’t want to push people away.  Maybe some people will be pushed away, but that is their choice to reject.  We are instructed to share God’s words.  We are not instructed to share God’s words just with people who we think will listen.  What is the point in that?

We are not guaranteed that tomorrow will come.  So––what if your words help to save one more person?

4 thoughts on “Love is Sharing

  1. I often think about The Great Commission and how little I do about it. And I tend not to be effective. I guess we all need to pray for help and guidance in what we do and how we do it.

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    1. I agree. I believe sharing the Word, especially with non-believers, is the hardest part of being a christian (at least for me it is). I share the Word through my blog a lot easier than I do face to face…we all need to pray, like you said. 🙂

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