In bible study, we are reading a book called Shaking Scripture by Mark Manning.  It is an awesome book, the author does a great job at bringing you into the story and applying it to the present day.  The chapter we read today was titled Removing Rocks and Grave clothes, it told the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead.  Every chapter of this book has been enlightening but this chapter was my favorite.  I highly recommend this book.

One of the discussion questions was, “Is there something you still struggle with when it comes to a “rock” that blocks your path to growing your faith?” Someone responded, “Something or somethings?”  We all nodded and agreed. Isn’t that the truth.  We all have things blocking us from growing our faith.

For me, I have a hard time listening to what God is telling me to do.  I will feel the pulling and nagging for me to do something, but then the doubt sets in.  Is he really asking me to do something…no He can’t be…am I over thinking again? Then, I will think I know the answer and questions arise and I am back at where I began.  Questioning and doubt together hinder my growth.

It was a perfect subject for today being Ash Wednesday. I usually give up something every year, but I was struggling (as usual) with what to choose.  Last year it was bread, the year before was chips, and the year before that was some other type of food. This year I wanted to give up something other than food. Now I know––I am giving up my biggest rock(s), questioning and doubt.

This will not be easy.

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