I think of a time when I was younger having to do a trust building exercise.  The act of falling backward into other peoples arms––and the fear I felt not being able to see their arms stretched waiting to catch me. I closed my eyes, took a couple deep breaths and fell backwards, convinced I was going to hit the ground.  But that isn’t what happened.  I felt the arms of the group stop me from falling, my eyes opened, and there were smiling faces staring down at me.

That is how my life has been when I trust God.  I fear, I get anxious over all the possible outcomes.  Then when I finally I close my eyes and fall into His arms, I realize my burdens are never too heavy for Him to catch.  It gets easier, the more I trust Him.  I think less of my fear and anxiety, my eyes close quicker and I allow myself to fall harder, and with that I become lighter and lighter…


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