Just me over-thinking…

Anyone who meets my son Luke will quickly learn he is bold and he has an answer for everything. He is a very knowledgeable kid for his age. He loves facts and he loves things done correctly (or what he believes to be correct). I love this about him and can see him finding a career in teaching of some sort. I believe his personality will steer him in the right direction in life.

But, I see these same characteristics causing struggles as well, if not channeled properly. In life, you simply cannot go around correcting everybody all the time. He is only five, so I am just taking a glimpse into the future. Once he is older he will learn social rights and wrongs, but I can be pretty certain he will have to remind himself of when not to correct someone…because it is the strongest part of his personality. I know I will have to help him with that.

This part of Luke is very entertaining. I cannot get enough of it. Sunday in church during the children’s message he was hilarious. I wish I would have recorded it. Many times they will use props to get the kids attentions. It was as if Luke was part of the lesson, he was right on cue. The two pastors were playing catch (doing it incorrectly as part of the lesson). Luke corrected them and then finally just stood up to show them how to correctly play catch. When they did it the right way Luke said, “Nice one.” My explaining this isn’t doing it justice. I’ll just say I had multiple people tell me how it made their day.

All of this has me thinking about how we are all equipped with strengths and they can also be weaknesses. For me, being introverted has always been the same. I see it as mostly a strength but there are times when it weakens me. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable around people and so it is hard to start something new that brings me around people I do not know. But this part of me also has always given me the strength of observation. Observation has given me the strength to feel and see a person clearly. I often know when someone is hurting or feeling whatever emotion without them saying it out loud, and this has helped me a lot in life.

I really don’t have a point to all of this, except maybe it shows no one is without weakness. You just have to hold onto your individuality, accept yourself, and also not give up when a part of you weakens the rest of you. Remember to do the same for others––because you may be what helps them get through their hard moments.

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