The Magic of Christmas

Last night, Matt and I were watching a show after we put the boys to bed…or so I thought they were in bed. I heard a little voice shouting, “Ho ho ho.” I walked down the hall to find Oliver in our bed pretending to be Santa. See, our bed is Santa’s sleigh. To properly play his new favorite game he had to go to our room. It was adorable.

Oliver and his blossoming imagination will make this Christmas awesome. Not just Oliver but Luke as well. He is always watching out for his little brother, making sure he is behaving so Santa will bring him presents. Both my boys are very different…I love how their differences balance me and each other. Luke takes the Santa thing very serious, whereas Oliver is all about the fun of Santa. My two boys have my heart. Gosh, I love them and I love the magic of Christmas.

Today Luke’s class had a Pancake and Pajama party, Oliver and I went to it. Luke was proud to hold his brother’s hand to show him around the classroom. Oliver had fun being in a big kid class. He made himself at home, but, became upset anytime he wanted to be close to his brother and there were other kids around. “They in my way. I want Luke.” I guess he isn’t used to having to share his big brother. It was a great morning, you should have seen Luke’s smile when I walked in the room. It brought me back to my days in school and how happy and comforted I was when my mom was in the classroom.

Either this weekend or on Monday we are making my Grandma Cloum’s christmas cookies. I will probably shed a couple tears as I roll the dough, I miss her around the holidays. Something so simple as a cookie recipe being passed down is yet another magical part of Christmas. I remember helping my mom make my grandma’s cookies every year…and I never realized how special it was until I became an adult.

There are many traditions I remember as a kid, some we had throughout my entire childhood and others came and went as our families grew or whatever else the cause. I will always remember my Great Grandma Scott’s party. We would get together with my Dad’s cousins, aunts and uncles, and all their kids a couple weeks before Christmas. Needless to say the house was packed. My Great Grandma Scott would always buy everyone presents, usually clothes. The clothes were always the wrong size. As funny as that sounds, I loved it. It was a tradition for me…I never expected to get anything I could actually wear and I still looked forward to opening her present every year. I loved going there. After she died, we stopped having the Christmas party. I guess everyone knew it would never be the same without her. What great memories…

I wonder what traditions my kids will hold onto when they have a family of their own?

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