This week I was not feeling well. I had some sort of sinus thing going on. It brought on a dull headache that lasted about four days. My energy was on strike as well. On Tuesday, my in-laws picked up Oliver for the night. I was beyond thankful. (I promise this post is not all whining about being tired with little headache.)

Wednesday, Oliver was still over their house. It was a much needed day for me to be lazy. I do not remember the last time I was able to do as I pleased. What did I do? I watched television, I went out to lunch with my husband, I read, and then I wrote––all my favorite things in one day.

You know what? I got bored. I kept thinking, what did I do with my time before kids? It was a little reminder of my two blessings, Luke and Oliver. I realize I need time to myself more often, but I love having my kids to pass the time with. My kids bring me peace, chaos, love, stress, joy, worry…all these conflicting things they bring…I don’t ever want it to end. I know no matter how old they are they will always be my children. But, when Luke says he never wants to move out, I feel the same. I would love for him to stay young and live with us forever.

These days will pass though. Luke will change his thoughts and say he cannot wait to move out. I, of course, will encourage and help him to transition into his new life outside of our home. But these will be the days I will cherish the most. These are the days that will help shape my kids into who they will become.

I pray I will continue to make the most out of them. I pray life never gets the best of me. I pray life never gets the best of my husband, or my children. I pray for these little reminders of how truly blessed I am. I pray for all these things for you as well. The end!

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