Slow Down Christmas Spirit

Usually I hold out until after Thanksgiving but I cannot control the urge this year. I am in the Christmas spirit. I programmed 100.3 in my radio and am jamming out to Christmas tunes. I am trying to stop myself from putting on my Santa hat and baking cookies.

Last Christmas we were in the midst of packing, moving, and selling our old house and maybe that’s why. Or maybe I am turning into my mom the older I get. If I pull out a leopard coat and start singing Rod Stewart, please smack me. Kidding, I love my mom…just not her love of animal print. I do kinda like Rod, though.

But in the spirit of Thanksgiving that is coming up, I need to slow down to recognize all I have to be thankful for—before I pull out all my Christmas decorations. I do something similar every year around Thanksgiving so I apologize for the repetition…but not really because I need to recognize my blessings more often than that.

My husband, my best friend, Matt. He is an amazing husband and I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate him. More importantly, he is an amazing father. Our two boys look up to him and follow him around like he is a superhero. He doesn’t brag and he has reason to, but he chooses to be humble. It is all the little things he does. And I can’t forget to mention his blue eyes still make my heart palpitate. I love that he checks my blog a lot, nothing makes me feel more special. I know he’s my biggest fan and supporter, and I am his.
Oliver is my baby. I cannot feel down for long in his presence. He has brown eyes that are just like mine. He bounces around and is easily amused. He smiles, I smile. He laughs, I laugh. He connects with people. He eases the seriousness of this life. He has so much of me in him that I am brought back to myself through him.

Luke has always been his own person and I don’t think he will ever be easily influenced. He asks questions. He has to know the reasons, and that inspires me. He gives without thinking. At his birthday party he received a fart blaster (yes that is a real thing) and naturally it was his favorite. One of his cousin’s had a rough moment and was in tears. Luke handed his cousin the fart blaster and said to take it home for the night. What five year old hands over his favorite gift that he just received? Luke does.

I also have to mention how thankful I am that my sister in law is cancer free. I know she isn’t fully back to herself yet, but she is getting there…whether she realizes it or not. I see her smile more. I hear her more of her loud laugh that fills a room (she has a great laugh). All in all, I see her coming back little by little. I am crying happy tears just thinking of it. Thank you God for this and everything else in my life.

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