Through his eyes, he knew no difference. He was born with poor vision.

Through his eyes, he was a good soccer player and was excited to be on a team. That was until he played with other kids and realized he had a hard time seeing.

Through my eyes, I will never truly know what it is like to see through his eyes and that will always trouble me.

Through my eyes he is an amazing, smart, funny, thoughtful, and beautiful kid. I can only pray when he looks at his reflection that he sees the same.

The other day at soccer practice Luke was running and bumped heads with his friend. They were both hurt and crying. The collide must have been bad. The coach realized Luke’s glasses broke and sent him over to see me. Luke climbed on my lap and once I took his glasses off I realized the cracked frame cut his face as well.

Things can happen in sports to any kid, but this time it was because Luke couldn’t see well enough. Matt had noticed in previous practices and games that Luke had bumped into kids from not seeing well. Also, after Luke’s last game he cried after he told me he had a hard time seeing on the field. We told Luke he could take a break and he did last week. This week he said he wanted to go back. After what happened it isn’t surprising he doesn’t want to go back again.

I hope Luke doesn’t lose his eagerness to try new things now that he is older and realizes some things are harder for him. He has a natural ease when it comes to trying things. He doesn’t cling to me in fear––he just goes for it. I admire that in him. I believe with an attitude like his he can do amazing things in life. I will never stop encouraging him, but when things happen it is heartbreaking.

The most important thing I can show him from this is that sometimes it is ok to quit. Whoa, what a hard thing to think of these days. It is ok to quit sometimes. It takes a strong person to honor their limits. It doesn’t make him weak. There are countless other things he can do well.

I can tell him everyone has things in life that they have a hard time with. All that matters is that he tried. It doesn’t make him a failure. It just means soccer isn’t his thing. Karate on the other hand…he is a rockstar in karate. He loves it even when it is hard. It is funny because I am thinking of things in my life where I need to take my own advice. Yet another thing I love about parenting––learning and reminding myself of important lessons as I guide my kids to the same.

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