California Dreaming

There is something about taking a trip that cleanses your mind. It brings you back to yourself. I guess that is why many people who are soul searching choose to travel.

I feel revived.

Maybe it was the timing and how everything aligned. Maybe it was the chance to bond with Luke. Maybe it was watching Luke and Camden. Maybe it was spending time with my friend who I don’t see often enough. Maybe it was the charm of California.

I feel inspired to do things.

I want to play in the rain with my kids, splashing and stomping around in puddles. I want to drink champagne and dance with my husband. I want to catch lightning bugs with my kids. I want to read more books. I want to show my kids the beauty in a blade of grass. I want to drink hot tea and enjoy every ounce of warmth that flows through me. I want to decorate my house. I want to go to more museums. I want to sit outside and listen to the birds. I want to do all of these plus so much more.

Mostly though––I want write even more than I already do––to get lost in my own world and enjoy the release it gives me.

Yes I know I am corny.

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