My grandma once said, “If you have a mind then you should never be bored.” I am pretty certain it flew out of her mouth because she was tired of hearing her grandkids complain about being bored––but it stuck with me––from the moment it came out of her mouth. I was a stubborn little girl and I knew I had a mind, so I set out to never be bored again. Of course when I was a teen the word bored was spoken around friends. Mostly though, I would not allow myself to be bored. I would sit in bed and think up crazy stories, I would transport myself to different worlds, and I would daydream. On nice warm days, I would go outside and allow my imagination to run wild. With two young kids, I do not get to do this as often, but sometimes if I have a spare minute…I get lost in my own mind.

Without her knowing, she sparked my imagination and my imagination sparked my love for writing. I will pass these wise words down to my children and I pray they get as much out of them as I did.

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