Last night, I grudgingly went to to a women’s group from the church I recently started to go to. I was tired and lazy…my bed sounded better than braving the cold. Not to mention, being around people that I don’t know very well is not my idea of fun. I went because I want to get to know people around here. It turned out to be just what I needed…

The coffee shop we met up at had a band playing and so we ended up walking down to the Subway and ordering a drink and cookies. The last meeting was cancelled because of the lovely snow and the first meeting was at a coffee shop that closed a half hour after we got there. We joked about our trouble of finding a place to meet up and then settled in for the real stuff. We discussed contentment and I realized that I feel pretty content in my life. My life has struggles but I am happy and blessed regardless. The one thing I do struggle with and would become even more content is if I can focus on the people who are there for me, not the ones who are not. I am really sensitive in this aspect. I believe I am not alone in this battle.

I am blessed to have people who are sincerely there for me. Ones who listen, even when they disagree. When they do disagree, they aren’t dismissive about it. That is what it means to be there for people. Everyone has their own views but you have to be able to accept that. To accept others sensitivities and to know we all have different boundaries and different limits. My point of all this is, I need to let go and accept that certain people are not there for me. The reason why is not my business and I should not waste energy trying to figure it out. Instead––I need to cherish the people who love and accept me. The end.

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