Matt and I volunteered to host my father in law’s 60th birthday party. Luke loves parties. When he found out the party was going to be at our house, he was excited to plan it. Decorations, a cake and games were Luke’s top priority. We made a trip to the craft store for the supplies and the compromising began. It turned into a great learning experience. Luke wanted all purple decorations with soccer balls and other various little kid favors. I explained that the party was for Papa and needed to reflect what Papa would like. I know that Papa would have liked anything that Luke did but I used this time to show Luke how to do things for others and how to think of others and their likes. We decided on more grown up colors–black, white and yellow and went with a light version of the mustache fad.

Since a game was so important to Luke, we decided on a pin the bow tie on the stick man. I kept it simple with a yellow poster board and a drawn on stickman. I made some paper bow ties and that was it…Luke was happy, I was happy and proud of our compromises. Luke has a love for making things for people so he made his own card and painted a birdhouse. He took his time and made sure it was perfect. He even picked colors he thought Papa would like, blue and silver.

Yesterday was the party and I must say we really put a lot of effort into making it a nice day. It was a small gathering (my favorite). Luke was so proud of his hard work. To watch Luke smile like he did yesterday…to watch his Papa smile like he did yesterday made it all worth it.

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