Those who know me know that I have patience, lots of patience. I am far from easily frazzled. Yesterday though, I cried. My husband pulled me on his lap and I cried like a baby. Why?

We had to wake up early and be out of the house at 7:30 to make it to Luke’s eye appointment. For some reason I thought his appointment was in the afternoon so when I realized I was wrong, I was not too happy. Now I know that isn’t a big deal, but anxiety levels rise a little when we go see Dr. Roarty…like I said in my post yesterday, it isn’t a fun day. Matt had to get ready for work and…well I am the mom so I had to get myself and the boys ready. Oliver was extra needy and would not stop climbing on me. I did not even have five minutes to get ready. I looked and felt like a mess. We made it out of the house on time and the drive was ok until we were pulling into the parking lot and I hear the noise of Oliver puking. Sweet. I cleaned him up enough to make it into the building and then did a better job in the bathroom. Luckily he did not throw up during Luke’s appointment and we made it home. You can read my post from yesterday for details about the actual appointment.

We get back home and Oliver was grumpy because he was sick. Luke was grumpy, I was grumpy––Matt was grumpy and had to go to work. There was too much grumpiness in the air. Oliver just kept making messes. I don’t know how he just kept getting stinkier and dirtier as the day went on. I was getting ready to put him in the bathtub as Luke handed me his glasses, his broken glasses. Sweet. The eyeglass place is by our old house, which is not close––but they have all our info and if I had to order him a new frames and blah blah––I got the boys ready and drove down (hoping and praying the entire time that Oliver would not get sick again). He did not. They had frames at the store and popped in his lenses (free of charge). We made it back home around 6pm and both boys were starving, whiny…Oliver was crying and wanting me to hold him but I had to make them dinner. I was beyond frazzled at that point. I fed them and they were happier. But then, I got a phone call from Matt saying he was running late. Any other day it would have been fine, but I was planning on starting a new tap class. I didn’t get to go. Matt felt terrible, I felt more terrible.

The day ended in tears. It was the first time I have been that frazzled as a parent. At least I can laugh about it today.

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