I was knee deep in boxes…my energy gone and my patience dangling by a thread. I could not wrap my head around the fact that we accumulated so much crap in the short time (three years) that we lived in this house. I was physically and mentally incapable of packing anything else, so I sat on the cold floor and just existed for a few moments. You know the feeling where your brain hurts? I was beyond that. It was as if I could feel my brain pulsating, trying to tell me it needed rest…it needed a long overdue nap. Now I know it seems like I am being overly dramatic, maybe I am, but at that moment I was done. Over it completely. I probably brought all of it on myself. I start something and feel panicked when I don’t finish. In the back of my mind I knew I had time. I should have stopped packing hours ago. I was past my limit.

I went to bed early, actually I crashed. I woke up the next morning around six am, brewed my coffee, and sat on the couch. Warm coffee in hand and deep in thought, I realized I was going about our move all wrong, obviously. Far from an epiphany but the light bulb definitely clicked on, I need to relax and enjoy this process. Since we found our new house––I can not stress enough––everything has fallen into place…way too easily. It is absurd how easy it has been. We put in an offer and they accepted it without a counter offer. We, at the last minute decided to try to sell the house we were living in. It went up and the next day there was an offer, above asking price. We accepted the offer, the inspection and appraisal came back good. Then the closing date was scheduled for the day after we would be in our new home. Really? Why was I being such a brat? I truly should have embraced my inner creep and whistled while I packed.

When my husband woke up, I attacked him. “Matt, we have been going about this all wrong. Look how easy this has been for us. We are way too blessed. Why are we so stressed out? Lets enjoy this time.” He pulled me in for a hug and agreed. The remainder of the move went well. There were a few times after that one of us got stressed, but we simply reminded each other to relax. We are now mostly settled in and I love our new house.

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