Boring for you, Exciting for me

Today is the day. We finally get the keys to our new house. We closed in December but the previous owners needed extra time to close and get into their new place. It has been pure torture to know that the place is ours––but not really––because someone else still lives there. Every day we remain in our old house, the walls close in a little more. I guess the crazy snow does not help with this madness building up in all of us. I swear to gosh my kids have never been so stir crazy.

Tomorrow our painter starts his work. I pretty much have the colors picked out. I am a bit anxious of this part because you never truly know what the colors will look like until the paint on the walls. We are having the ducts cleaned and a radar mitigation system put in. After that we can move in. I love the house and cannot wait to make it our own. I will have to post some before and after pictures.

Luke starts his new school tomorrow and I pray all goes well with that. He has been sad all week over the snow days, he cannot wait to start his new school. He did do a trial run there and it went great. The teacher said it was as if he had been part of the classroom all along. So I think it was a wise choice to go with another montessori. The classroom and curriculum is is almost identical to his old school. The actual school day is a couple hours longer than what he is used to, that will be his biggest adjustment.

It really is an exciting time in our lives. There will be a lot of changes but I have no problem with change. I am actually excited for all the new things to come. Luke is a creature of habit, as most four year olds are––but I have been slowly introducing and getting him ready. I try not to talk (about all the change) too much so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. We shall see how it all plays out. Oliver is like me and I believe (hope) he adapts well. He is not in school yet though, he has less to adapt to––plus he’s younger.

Well that about sums up what is going on in our lives. I know this is a boring post to read but you’ll get over it, maybe.

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