Some Random Thoughts For the New Year

I strive to keep light not darkness in my blog. In my life (as well) choosing to see positive keeps me going. That is the only part of my last blog post that I wish to share and so I erased the rest. I am not perfect––nor do I want to portray that I am. When I look back through my blog which portrays my life to an extent, I want to remember what really mattered. I do not want to recall a moment or moments of negative, although that is a part of me, I choose to move on from my rants. I choose to vent and then see the good. It is not that my last post was not how I feel. The thoughts released still ring true. The problem is that there are things about others that are and will always be on them…not me. If something irks me, all I can do is choose not to do it myself. I can complain all I want about how unfair or wrong it is but it isn’t my issue. So why dwell? I see no point.

This year has strengthened me more than any other year. I am content. Truly content. I am confident with just being me. There will always be people who misunderstand me and I am finally ok with that. I am sarcastic, goofy, sometimes too kind, sometimes not kind enough, calm but energetic, introverted but not shy (meaning not insecure), stubborn, creative, and so much more. I love every part of me. I pray that I continue to nurture all parts of me and continue to grow into a better me.

My spiritual and my religious side has overtaken my life and I could not be happier. It is something that was always in my heart but was, I don’t want to say dead because it never really was gone, dormant maybe. Better yet, it was weakened by my hard headedness. Yes, that is it. I know many are touchy and I try not to push my views on people, but anymore, this is who I am and I will no longer hide it or be ashamed.

My kids will not stop growing. The days go entirely way too fast. Everyday they learn new things. They are in many ways polar opposites, which goes to show how everyone is made to be different. I want to continue to not conform into some cookie cutting parenting style. We, as a family, will make our own way––hopefully skipping, not trudging, through most of it. We will have our own traditions and try to have fun along the way. I want to cherish, nurture, and guide Luke and Oliver to think for themselves and love who they are as unique individuals.

I wish you a Happy New Year and pray for peace and fulfillment in 2014.

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