The other day, Luke looked out the window and said, “Mommy, it’s my favorite kind of day. The clouds are covering the sun so my eyes won’t hurt.” I smiled and told him that I too loved the clouds covering the sun. I love sunshine, the brighter the better for me, but I also love whatever makes him more comfortable. His comment, so simple, got me thinking about heaven. Think about this for a minute. Heaven will be and feel like everything that brings comfort, happiness, and all else good. For Luke it will be like light that doesn’t hurt his eyes. For me it will be like warmth, to never feel cold again. It will feel like the peace of holding one of my boys, the joy of hearing my boys giggle, the feeling I get when my eyes meet my husband’s during an inside joke, the magic of getting lost in a good book, and the relief of a lazy Sunday. All of these (plus so much more) all at once, all the time––for all of eternity. All I can say is wow, I truly can not fathom.

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