To feel my child’s pain, to experience his affliction as my own, brings my heart to ache. It is an agonizing predicament that I can not take away…what I can do is love. I can accept. I can encourage. I can show. I can pray. I can trust in You.

Dear Lord,
I pray for the strength to carry out what I can do…love, accept, encourage, show, pray, and trust. I know I will always love my son but I pray that he will always feel my love for him. I pray for acceptance for his afflictions that I can not control. I pray he feels my acceptance, always. I pray for the strength to encourage him to see his strengths and accept his weakness––to turn his weakness into strengths and/or use them for the greater good. I pray to show him what an amazing person he is and how all these things, especially love, will help him gain happiness. I pray that he prays; that prayer will be what he turns to first in times of despair…in times of need…in times of happiness too. I pray to always trust Your plans for my son. I pray that my trust will give him trust in You, and trust in me as well.
I thank You for giving me my two amazing sons. I know as my second son gets older and has afflictions of his own, I will be saying this prayer for him. I also pray that the relationship between my two sons give them both strength in their lives. I pray that their differences balance each others. I know that they will argue but I pray they can get through each fight and come out stronger. I pray they protect each other and are always there for each other. Thank you for trusting in me and giving me this precious gift of being a mother. It is the hardest job I have been responsible for carrying out, but I know You will be there with me though it all.


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