We finally found a house and (as it should) all is falling into place. The offer was accepted, inspection complete, and appraisal in process. Needless to say, I have moving on the brain. I can think of nothing else. This has the potential to be the house our kids will remember as their childhood home. The home filled with traditions that shape them into the adults they will become. The home they will bring their kids to and replay their youth; watching their own play in the same grass they played in as kids. The home Matt and I will grow old in. The home I never had growing up. My parents moved us a lot. I have quite a few (ten) houses filled with segments of my childhood memories. I am not saying there is anything wrong with moving. Stability can be given no matter how many times you move…it can also not be given to one who has never moved. Some people have moving in their blood. They yearn and thrive on change. My husband and I are not of that kind. My kids may be, so I will never raise them to feel that they can not venture off in life––to be caged in the life Matt and I believe is best. Although I will be devastated if they move far away.

As you can see, our holiday season will be busy. We will be packing, getting the house ready, having holiday festivities, and so forth. Doing all this with two kids will bring some challenges. We will have to sacrifice some holiday traditions but it is only one year. Next year and the years to come will make up for it. I am so excited and so thankful to have found our new house, our home.

On a side note, here is a conversation I had with Luke this morning.

Me: Luke what do you want for Christmas this year?

Luke: I want games.

Me: What kind of games?

Luke: Like Candyland, games for kids.

Me: Oh, boardgames. Do you want anything else? What other toys do you want that you don’t have?

Luke: Nothing. I already have all the toys I want.

Me: You already have everything you want?

Luke: Yes Mommy, I have everything I want already.

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