First and foremost I would like to thank God. God has led and I have followed Him on the path of my beautiful life. Thank you to my parents for all you have done and especially for moving back to Michigan. I remember being in despair, loathing the winter and everything about the town we lived in. My mom would say, “There is a reason we moved back. Everything happens for a reason. Your future spouse may be here in Michigan just waiting to meet you.” Well Mom, you were right. Thank you to my husband’s parents as well. They raised quite the man. He is strong when I am weak. He never tires of my touch (he especially loves when I scratch his back). He protects and provides for me and our kids more than I could ever dream of. Let’s not forget that he is absolutely handsome. His eyes still make me weak. When he looks at me it is impossible to stay mad long…not that he ever makes me mad. (Chuckle.) Thank you to my friend Casey. If she wasn’t such a weirdo then we wouldn’t have been such good friends and then I would never have met Matt. Thank you to Heartland Home Finance for employing my friend Casey and Matt. If it wasn’t for that crazy place. Wow. What would my life be like? Makes me queasy just thinking about it. And last, thank you to Ruby Tuesday’s, for feeding our faces on our first date.

In all seriousness…I really want to thank the Academy. No. I want to thank every word, every step, every right choice, every wrong choice, every heartbreak, every person, every butterfly, and whatever else brought Matt and I together. But mostly, thank you God (again). Without God my life would be a complete mess.

I am also thankful after two kids that I still fit in my wedding gown. Hey, I work hard to stay fit so yep I am proud. Happy Anniversary, Matt!

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