Sprinkled Miracle

I already shared some of this on here when I found out after his eye doctor’s appointment in August, so I apologize for the repetitive parts. It’s just that this has been so much of Luke’s life and my life that I need to express and share my thoughts on it once again.

Today, I officially signed off on his vision services through the county. My hands were shaky and doubt filled my mind. I could not stop thinking about how crazy it is that he no longer qualifies for an IEP. His vision is not perfect. He still requires a few accommodations-not enough though to say it hinders his education though. It is something no one expected would happen.

You see, we were told when he was 6 months old that his vision would pretty much stay the same throughout his life. It might improve a little, but not a lot. God disagreed. He had different plans for Luke’s life. Luke began with the Early On program when he was just two years old…then in Kindergarten an IEP began. I fully accepted that and trusted God with that as well. What I didn’t do was believe God would change it. I guess I felt like I needed to just accept it because of what the doctors told me and I also knew God was there and could work in Luke’s life regardless of how good or bad his vision was. We serve a mighty God!

I left the school feeling a mix of relief and a bit of doubt. When I pulled into my driveway something quite powerful hit me. I want to share it with you all.

This is a miracle. It truly is. The thought crossed my mind before, but it became more real after signing those papers. It’s funny how we hold on so tightly to things or ideas and all of a sudden God opens our eyes. I believe this is a miracle that has been slowly sprinkled over Luke’s life through the years. Sometimes miracles are like that, they aren’t always an instantaneous event. They also don’t always take all of the problem away. Does it make it less of a miracle? No, of course not.

Throughout the years, God has been shaping Luke and all of those closest to him. Without the years of shaping, it wouldn’t be as powerful or special. Today my friends, I am in awe.

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