I am ever so patiently waiting for my results. Okay, maybe not so patiently. I am trying to be patient, though.

I’m sitting by my bedroom window that has become my new favorite hangout spot. The sun isn’t as bright as it was yesterday and coincidentally neither is my mood. I am okay, just a bit somber.

Physically, I am not feeling terrible, but I’m not feeling very well either. I don’t know if I have Covid-19. I know it could be worse and so I am not complaining. I’ve been in my bedroom since Sunday evening, which seems so crazy. The time has gone by fast and I never would have imagined it could.

I wrote a blog yesterday explaining why I’m quarantined in my room. I didn’t share it on my own Facebook page, mainly because I feel awkward knowing others are much worse off than I am. I knew some people would come across it and that’s fine, that’s good. I just froze when it came to sharing it on my own and so I didn’t.

Anyway, my dad ended up sharing it on his page. I went through and read responses and was humbled. Some of the people I knew, of course. Others were complete strangers praying for me, a complete stranger. Pretty neat stuff.

I guess what I ended up remembering as I typed all of that is they really are not strangers. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I think as the Church we know it is more than a building. We know we are one body. Many times, though, we can’t help but to look at each church buiding or each individual like they are a lego piece. It’s like we are separate pieces yet somewhat connected to make one Church. The thing is, I don’t think God looks at it that way and I don’t want to look at it that either.


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