This World Will Tell You



This world will tell you strength lies in control and power.

I say real strength lies in submission and humility.

This world will tell you to put your needs first.

I say you should put others’ needs first.

This world will tell you to do whatever makes you happy.

I say you should use self-control and do what pleases God.

This world will tell you there is no God–just look at the science.

I say it’s ridiculous to think chance could create such detail, beauty, and intellect in its design.

This world will tell you to do and think many things,

but I’m telling you this world is wrong.

9 responses to “This World Will Tell You”

  1. God has been leading me in a beautiful dance where His light shines into my heart and illuminate what thoughts are of Him and which are lies of the enemy. When you allow Him to shine that pure light, one of 3 things happens: you get healed, you get cleansed, and all the darkness dissolves. Your post is right on, sister!

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