Random carvings covered the picnic table. I mindlessly read them out loud as Matt and I ate our lunch.  When I got to this one I repeated it a few times. My wandering mind halted and thoughts of who may have carved this came into focus.

I imagined a teenage girl who feels lost. She looks for attention from boys in all the wrong ways.  Or maybe it is a teenage boy who keeps making all the wrong choices and cannot seem to make his dad proud. Was it someone grieving the loss of a loved one?  Or was it someone who truly has never had anyone to care for them the way they deserve?  Oh, all the heart-rending possibilities.

Sadness crept into my peaceful day.  A day where loneliness was the furthest thing from my mind.  I began to think of all the people who feel alone in this world.  I began to wonder how many people in my life feel this type of loneliness and I have no clue because they hide it under smiles and I’m doing greats.

I prayed as I finished my chicken salad sandwich.  I prayed as I looked into my husband’s big blue eyes. I ask you as well to take just a moment to pray for whoever carved  this and whoever else feels utterly alone in this world.


8 thoughts on “Alone in this World

    1. It is a call to us all. I can’t stop thinking of the parable of the lost coin. Should I care so much about a stranger that I will never meet? Yes, I absolutely should!


  1. says a lot about you to even take time to care for this carving. I’ve often thought how could we start a group to help those that feel alone? what would it look like? where would it be?

    this is a great reminder that maybe I need to pray for direction about it.

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