A Simple Moment

I had been trying to decide how to present my kids blessings to them.  Do we make it a special event?  Or some intimate moment between us and them?  I thought it needed to be “special”.

Then this morning I glanced at Luke.  He was sitting at the kitchen table chomping on his crunchy cereal.  I thought, “Why does it have to be a special event?   Maybe today is the day he needs to hear it.” I do not know what the day will bring. I grabbed the paper and sat next to Luke.

I explained to him that no one else on this earth has this blessing…which made me think I should take it off my blog.  His eyes lit up and then he flashed his cute little smile.  I read his blessing to him and I could feel the power in the words.  He wanted to hear Oliver’s as well so I read it to him.  He nodded and agreed it was a good one for his little brother.  He finished getting ready for school.  After, he sat on the couch and asked me to read it to him again.  He leaned his head on me as I read the words once again.  Then he asked to sit on the porch until it was time to go.


I guess I need to remember not everything has to be an event.  Sometimes life happens in the small moments.  Not sure why, but, God is really trying to engrain this simplicity thing in me as of late…

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