Oh Pinterest, can you just chill?

As I left Luke’s classroom today my head felt dizzy. In fact, it still does. I felt like I was in Pinterest, like I had been pulled right through my computer screen and I couldn’t get out…seriously.

Pinterest. Oh Pinterest. Yes I am talking to you, you little perfectionist. What happened to simplicity? What happened to kids parties being kids just having fun? Now we have to set up stations and occupy every single moment. Yes, I know it is fun and cute…but I can see through it. I see anxiety in parents eyes as they watch their Pinterest “creations” come to life, hoping it turns out as they envisioned.

I know I am being hard on you. Many great things have come from you. Maybe it was never your intention to create Pinterest monsters. Maybe I should be pointing fingers at your users. But, it is time to chill a bit. You have gotten out of control.

Yes, I will continue to pull ideas from you…as should others. But there needs to be balance, before creativity completely withers away. I don’t know, I just wish we would allow kids some empty space of time to relax and just be kids. End rant.

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