Just One Look

Tonight was Trunk or Treat. I was walking toward the game area talking to someone. I don’t even remember who. I don’t remember because I saw my husband walking up with my kids. There was something about seeing him in that moment where nothing else mattered except him and my two boys. I believe I stopped mid-sentence and walked over to them. All it took was just one look into my husband’s blue eyes.

Not that it even matters what he wears, but tonight, he wore a bright orange camo hat and a camo sweatshirt. (It is no secret I am not much a fan of camouflage clothing.) He still looked handsome, though. Lying in bed, I joked around with Matt asking him if he dressed up like a hunter. He chuckled then said, “I wore the bright hat so Luke could find me easier.” His blue eyes looked to me and seemed to reach into my innermost soul. I leaned over and kissed him.

I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t just look into his blue eyes earlier this week. I’m not saying I didn’t look at my husband all week. I was just too distracted to truly connect. I have been thinking about going back to work next year. I don’t want to go back into the same type of work I came from. I would probably go back into nursing, I’m just not sure what kind. Anyway, that isn’t even the point to all of this. My point is, I had been a bit grumpy because of my worrying of all that. I cannot stand when I am grumpy. I like my cheerful self…my usual self. It felt so so good to let my grumpiness go.

Crazy how just one look brings me back. Then one more look deepens my love for him even more. We are connected…no we are more than connected…we are one.

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