Window View

Staring out my window, I see crab apple tree branches full of tiny fruits. The dangling red clusters are so exquisite against the grayish blue autumn sky. It seems to be the perfect contrast. I can’t stop staring. I can’t stop feeling so flipping poetic as I get lost in my mind and sip onContinue reading “Window View”


Luke is twelve years old. We have the same t-shirt and shoe size. I’m not sure why that amazes me so much…but it does. He would be taller than my grandma if she were still alive. What I would give to hear her voice saying she can’t believe he’s taller than her. She always madeContinue reading “Shifting”


I’m dying. The air doesn’t fill my lungs… as it did in the past. My body aches. Each step slower than the last. I hear a voice. I reach out. All I feel is empty space. Empty promises. I close my eyes and pray. His Word fills the emptiness. I let out my last breath. IContinue reading “Death”

A Moment

There’s just something about the way it is snowing today that sets my mind and body at ease. It is beautiful and powerful, dainty and steadfast. Ah, to stay right here as long as I possibly can! My eyes begin at the top of my window and follow the bunch down as far as theyContinue reading “A Moment”

Missing Parts

We have a vacation home near my parents. There’s just something about being there that allows me to reconnect with parts of myself that aren’t here in my real residence. I don’t believe it is the house itself. Nor is it the area that brings with it the warmer weather I love. I believe itContinue reading “Missing Parts”

The Unknown Artist

Middle school is said to be a confusing time in one’s life. It’s a mix of still being young and immature, but beginning to see things for what they really are. There are times my son behaves in a way I wonder if he’ll ever be able to take care of himself. Other times I’mContinue reading “The Unknown Artist”

If the One

If the One who made all of creation delights in me, then why don’t I delight more in myself? If the One set me free by facing life and death for me, then why don’t I feel more free? He tells me to fear not, yet I fear so much. He tells me to trustContinue reading “If the One”

Twelve Years

Yesterday Matt needed to change a light bulb. It wasn’t just any lightbulb. It was the one going down to our basement. I wish there was an easy or safe way to change it. Picture stairs, a heighth you can’t reach, and a ladder that probably has some fine print saying not to use itContinue reading “Twelve Years”

April 14, 2020

It is Tuesday. The kids are done with school. My husband is working from home. I am drinking a cup of decaf and relaxing by myself. Yesterday, the boys were grumpy and it was not an easy day. I guess I was grumpy too. Our day did not flow as easily as days past. LuckilyContinue reading “April 14, 2020”